Top 10 Link Building Techniques For 1st Page Ranking

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Backlinks have always been the most important factor in off-page search engine optimization (SEO). What search engines like Google do is find your new content through the backlinks created on other authority websites.

If you build good links to your site, it works like a testimonial and shows the credibility of your content. Moreover, Google considers healthy link building as a positive signal for SEO.

However, Google keeps on updating its search engine algorithms to get rid of unethical link building technique

and poor linking patterns. This means unnatural backlink building strategies like spam comments, automated posting in forums, buying backlinks, etc., don’t boost your website ranking like the old days.

That’s why you need to know the link building techniques that actually work today. It will save your time from creating links using methods that no longer work. Always remember that your backlinks must be natural, high-quality, and helpful.

Backlink Building Strategies for SEO

  • Strategic Guest Posting: There are millions of blogs active on the internet today belonging to different industries and categories. If you want to create good backlinks to your website, you must try guest blogging. Using this method, you can generate hundreds of quality links. But you must do it strategically.
    Strategically means you should create a plan and list of blogs that are relevant for you. After creating a sheet of relevant and authority blogs that accept guest posts, contact those blogs and request that you would like to write an article for them. Once they approve, submit the article with a link on anchor text or keyword of your website or web page.
    Using this technique, you can build several good backlinks. Avoid guest posting on poor blogs that have low authority and scrape content. This can get your website getting penalized.
  • Submit Infographics: Creating appealing infographics and submitting them as visual content can help you generate the best backlinks. The majority of bloggers will accept infographics because people like to consume visual content more than written content.
    You can design infographics using free tools like Canva, including reference links in the end, along with your website logo.
  • Write Testimonials: Creating backlinks with testimonials is a win-win situation. Businesses want positive feedback about their solutions that they can feature on their websites and influence other visitors.
    If you are using the services of any business or have purchased products, then you can write a positive review for them and ask them to hyperlink your name or website name with your website URL. So, they get a genuine-looking testimonial, and you get a natural backlink.
  • Utilize Trustworthy Directories: You can find numerous online directories for listing your website. But you have to choose the trustworthy ones that can add some value to your SEO ranking. It is because Google has banned many such directories that don’t serve the user intent. There is nothing good about creating backlinks on those directories.
    By adding a link to your website along with necessary information, you can utilize the niche directories as a way to build backlinks. Make sure that the directory is related to your niche and industry.
  • Fix Dead Backlinks: You might have built some backlinks in the past but they are no longer valid. It may be because you changed the page URL or the other website misspelt the URL. In such cases, the link will show a 404 error to the visitors and wouldn’t offer the required backlink value for that page.
    You can redirect the broken links to the right page. It is one of the most underrated and less used link building technique
  • Convert Mentions into Backlinks: If you are looking for the easiest link building technique then this is one of them. You have to find the websites and blogs that have mentioned your brand or solution but haven’t linked to it. All you need to do is connect with the website owner and ask them to convert your mention into a link.
  • Analyze Competitor Backlinks: It is really important to check your competitors’ backlinks to understand where they generate links for higher ranking. You can use backlink checker tools like SEMrush and spy on your competitors. It will also help you know the keywords they are targeting and the backlink strategies they are using.
    You can utilize part of their strategy for your own benefit, rather than doing everything from scratch.
  • Earn Links with Awesome Content: In digital marketing, content is the king. By publishing excellent content on your own blog, you can earn backlinks from others. What you need to do is write high-quality and in-depth content, including facts, research, and publish it on your blog. When it ranks, and other bloggers find it incredible, they will link to it in their blog posts where relevant.
    You can also approach some niche-specific bloggers to add the link to your content in their articles where applicable. For instance, you have written a post about ‘how to become an SEO expert ; and there is a third-party post like ‘SEO course for beginners’, you can request a backlink in that article somewhere.
  • Links from Community Sites: Community websites like Reddit, Quora, and other forums are good places to generate some links to your site. Such links are no-follow, but link building technique is always a mix of do-follow and no-follow backlinks. By answering the questions of people in an efficient manner, you can include a relevant link to your site there. This is another way to build some extra backlinks.
  • Content Submission: There are many websites that allow you to submit content and offer value to readers. Medium, Growth Hackers, Growth Hub, LinkedIn, and Business2Community are a few of such websites. Write content on trending topics and submit it on these websites, while adding a backlink to your website on relevant anchor text.

Wrapping Up:

Backlink building is a critical ranking factor and will remain so for a long time. If you have been working on improving your website ranking in search results, you must implement the link building techniques mentioned above in this article.

Have any doubts on how to build backlinks or techniques? Comment your questions.

Ashwdeep Singh, is a Founder & Chief Mentor of the Ventureheap Academy having 10+ years of experience in the Digital Marketing domain. His core area of practice is Search Algorithms which has given him an edge in analytical thinking with a unique perspective. He has worked as a digital marketing consultant with 300+ brands across 19 countries. He has a rich experience of writing in different areas related to marketing, technology & businesses.

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